The Graduate Program in Anthropology of the Federal University of Bahia (PPGA UFBA) was created in 2007-although its history reassemble, in many ways, to that of the graduate program in Social sciences of UFBA, which dates from 1990, and, of course, to the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities, whose course of social sciences, of oldest in country, refers to 1949.

Acting as a postgraduate course in stricto sensu, the PPGA offers courses in the academic masters and doctorate levels. It currently has 17 professors in its permanent body and 6 professors collaborators, PhD researchers from the most different universities, translating a variety of trajectories, formations and fields of activity. This faculty is distributed in seven lines of research, namely: [1] ethnology and the peoples originating in Americas; [2] Ethnicity, Race and Afican Diaspora; [3] Religion, Body, and Health; [4] Collective, Conflicts and Urban Spaces; [5] Heritage, Images and Memory; [6] Globalization, Power and Ethics; [7] Gender, Sexualities and Queer Studies.

The professors and students of the PPGA also work in different Centers and Research Nucleo, highlighting, among others, for the following:

  • CEAO (Center for Afro-Oriental studies);
  • NEIM (Center for Interdisciplinary Studies on women, Gender and feminism);
  • PINEB (Research Program on indigenous peoples of Northeastern Brazil);
  • ObservaBaía (Observatory of Socio-environmental risks and vulnerabilities in Todos OS Santos Bay).

The courses work in full time, with the offer of variable disciplines between shifts (morning and afternoon). Its headquarters is the campus of São Lázaro da UFBA (Rua Prof. Aristides Novis, 197, Federation-Salvador, BA), where the FFCH is located. On this same campus, the PPGA relies on the support of FFCH structures, including the Isaías Alves University Library and computer labs for students.

The program regularly carries out annual selection for Entranes. The amount of vacancies is conditioned to the availability for guidance and the capacity of the program to receive new students, being therefore variable. The PPGA has scholarships provided through the quotas of the DS-CAPES program and also through the Foundation for research support of the state of Bahia (FAPESB), besides granting institutional assistance for requests made to other organs and/or funding lines to Research. The distribution of scholarships is made by the Commission itself, according to criteria defined by the course rules.

The secretariat of the PPGA works in "Casarão" of the Campus of São Lázaro (in the room next to the direction of FFCH), regularly from Monday to Friday, from 9h to 15h, with attendance to the public from 9h to 12h and from 13h to 15h.